Using Slatwall to Transform Your Garage Walls

Posted by Matthew Miller on Sep 24, 2015 11:15:03 AM


If you’re like most people, the space on the walls in your garage is where you store most of your stuff. From paint cans to tools and sports equipment, the walls get piled with things. Tons of people use homemade wooden shelves to store items; others pile items on the workbench or pile them in the cabinets. At Prestige Garage, we love the slatwall garage organization system, as it creates a garage wall that’s custom tailored to your needs. With the slatwall storage system, you have the slatwall installed on a wall of your garage, and the add on bins, racks, and hooks to create a custom configuration for your needs. We want to review some of our favorite ways to use your slatwall system to keep your garage neat and clean.


Sports Equipment

Sports equipment, like basketballs, baseballs, tennis rackets, etc. are commonly piled up in the garage and often don’t have their own place. They’ll end up on shelves, where they can fall on the car, or in boxes on the floor. Using the slatwall system, you can install a net on the wall to hold these balls, where they’ll be easy to reach, yet, secure, so the balls won’t fall on the car. For the items like tennis rackets, they even make custom holsters, to keep the rack and balls next to each other, neatly on the wall. Instead of reaching into boxes to find the sports equipment you want, you can have them organized on the slatwall system, and they’ll be ready when you need them.

Small ToolsScrew_Driver_Rack_on_Gridwall-346270-edited

When it’s time to fix things around the house, one of the first things we reach for is a screwdriver. That usually means sifting through a big toolbox to find the right one. With the slatwall attachment for screwdrivers, you can save yourself time and stress, by having the most frequently used screwdrivers organized on an easy to reach rack, which you can put right next to your garage workbench. This will make being the handyman in your family a lot easier!

Fishing Rods


Fishing rods usually get piled into a corner in the garage because they don’t have another place; this ends up making them tangled. When it’s time to go fishing, it makes quite the mess. You can attach an accessory to your slatwall system to hold your fishing rods straight up neatly! These are a great tool to hold these poles, that are otherwise awkward to store. For the family fisherman, being able to organize these with your slatwall system will save lots of stress!

At Prestige Garage, our focus is to help you reclaim the space in your garage and maintain neatness and organization. If you’re interested in seeing how a garage slatwall system can transform your garage, give us a call today- there’s no obligation. For more tips on maximizing your garage’s potential, download our free guide, “Clear Out the Clutter!”

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