Things You Shouldn't Store In Your Garage

Posted by Matthew Miller on Sep 11, 2015 11:31:00 AM


For a lot of us, the garage ends up being a place that collects clutter when we can’t find a good place to store an item. Not everything’s a good idea to store in the garage though, especially here in New York- so what shouldn’t we be keeping in there? Here at Prestige Garage, we’ve put together a list of factors that you should consider before storing things in your garage.

Food for Pets

Many families keep food for their pets in the garage, either as bags of dry food, or as cans. The problem with this is that the heat in the garage will cause the food in the cans to spoil much faster. As far as the dry food goes, storing it in your garage will attracts rodents to it. We suggest storing these items in your pantry, where they’ll be cooled in the house and out of reach for the rodents.


 Linens and Sheets

A common thing that families store in their garage is extra towels, where they’ll be ready to use for car washes. Some even store extra sheets in the garage. This is another item that will attract the rodents. Rats will love these spots to make easy beds, especially during the winter. If you’re looking to store the towels, try and free up some space in your closet, or keep them in covered bins at least in a garage cabinet, to keep the rodents away.


Spray Paint Cans

An item that a lot of people are storing in their garage is aerosol cans. It’s really common and most people can’t think of where else they’d put the cans. The problem is, aerosol cans have a tendency to explode in heat. When summer’s causing the temperatures in the garage to rise, aerosol cans will explode. To keep this from happening, try to find a cabinet in the house to keep them in, where the air conditioning will keep the cans safe. Another issue is that the cans can drip and stain the garage flooring. Concrete will be succeptible to this, however epoxy garage flooring doesn't hold the stains the same way.


Prestige Garage offers systems to keep your garage clean like garage cabinets. Give us a call today to see how we can clear out the clutter and keep your garage clean!

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