The Advantages of Overhead Storage

Posted by Matthew Miller on Sep 21, 2015 12:03:49 PM


One of the best tools to keep your garage neat and organized is an overhead storage rack, as it makes use of an area of the garage that normally doesn’t get taken advantage of. It’s one of our top suggestions to keep your garage neat, but many people don’t think of all of the benefits it provides.

Keeps Things Out of the Way

Some of the things that you store in your garage don’t need to to be utilized every day. Things like towels for your car washes, luggage, and seasonal decorations are items that you won’t be reaching for all of the time. An overhead storage rack is a great place to store those suitcases to keep them out of the way, yet easily accessible when it’s time to use them. Throw those towels in a bin, and store them above the car for the next time you have a car wash! By doing this, you’ll be freeing up space in the cabinets or along the wall in your garage, where you can store the tools and sports equipment.


Keeps Items Away from Pests

Something we recently covered is that keeping certain items in your garage, like pet food and linens, will attract pests like rats. If you’re going to store them in your garage, you’re much better off storing them in a spot where the rats won’t be able to reach them. That’s where the overhead racks come in. Put your towels in a bin, cover it, and store it above the car, where rats won’t be able to reach it. If you’re still going to store the pet food in the garage, putting it in a bin on the overhead rack will keep that out of reach of pests, too. These items are better kept elsewhere, which we talk about in our recent blog post.


Frees Up Wall Space

By keeping these things up in a spot that you previously weren’t utilizing, you’re going to immediately reduce the clutter in the garage. You won’t have to stack up things along the wall, pile them in the garage cabinets, or stack them on the tool bench. Keeping your garage clean is about designing a system that will keep things where they belong. You’ll have free space to use to organize the tools, keep the bikes along the wall, and you can even use this wall space to install slatwall, where you can add bins, shelves, and hooks to design a wall that is custom tailored to your garage’s needs.


For more tips on how to keep your garage neat, check out our free guide, “Clear Out the Clutter!” Call us to schedule a free consultation to see what we can do to reclaim your garage space! Contact us today!

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