Commercial Epoxy Flooring Application

Prestige Plus Epoxy Floor Coatings Are Commercial Grade


Our Product Is Used in Retail Stores, Offices, Auto Body and Industrial Warehouses.

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Does your business have a lot of foot traffic? Are you seeking a flooring system that is easy to clean and maintain? Look no further than our Prestige Plus floor coating system. We provide many different options for your specific needs. Some choices are: contemporary solid colors, stunning granite, metallic or terrazzo looks to customize the flooring that's right for your business.

As a recognized and experienced applicator of commercial and industrial resinous liquid flooring systems, we have expertise in epoxy, urethane and polyapartic floor coatings, as well as concrete refinishing.

A Comprehensive Solution with Minimal Downtime

We provide turnkey installation, on-site analysis and product selection expertise. We are a one-stop source for quality, timely and warrantied installations. We get it right the first time. And to ensure minimal impact on your business operations, installations can be done over weekends, holidays, in stages, or if necessary, while in production.

The World Leader in Resinous Flooring

Our floor coating products are manufactured by Sika, the world's foremost manufacturer of industrial grade floor coatings. Suited for a wide range of commercial, residential and decorative applications, the Sika Floor System offers the following advantages:

  • Superior mechanical, abrasion and impact resistance
  • Aesthectically appealing
  • Water-resistant
  • Easy to clean and maintain
  • Sanitary (does not support growth of bacteria, fungus or absorb odor)

Sikafloor Multi-purpose flooring systems are available in many standard COLORS and TEXTURES. We will help you match ANY color of your choice.

Quality and Styling That's Made to Last

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