PrestigeGarage liquid coating system is a durable resinous flooring system that provides a polished, sophisticated finish available in a multitude of exciting colors and chip combinations.

Prestige Plus floor coatings enhance lighting, stands up to extreme temperatures, high traffic, hot tires, chemicals, and nasty spills. Just clean it up with just a hose and mop!

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Prestige Plus garage flooring is available in a variety of standard SOLID and CHIP flooring finishs. All chip options are available in 1/4" and 1/8" color chip sizes:

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Our patented system is comprised of three compatible materials which can be used in various combinations producing an array of flooring systems on increasingly higher performance and aesthetic attributes. We create custom flooring solutions that will exceed your expectations in cost, performance, and long-term durability. Servicing the Long Island Area.

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Signature Custom Colors

Our Signature Chip blends come in 270 CUSTOM to order combinations that can achieve any desired floor outcome from your favorite sports teams to theme oriented Auto Showcase garage floor.  Inquire with us today about your special needs.  

Ready. Set. Floor…

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PrestigePlus is the latest in resinous flooring technology coupled with our extensive industry floor coating experience since 1999.  This combination insures a high-quality finished product. Garage and basement floors that are both chemical and stain resistant without concerns about traction or foothold with our slip-resistant surface for added safety.

Prestige Garage's custom liquid floor coatings feature:

  • Industrial Resins. We've designed our floor coating systems for durability and lasting quality.
  • Superior Finish. Our garage floor coatings cure two times harder than traditional materials, which easily addresses hot tires, abrasion, and chemicals. You don't have to worry about chipping, blistering, or peeling.
  • Gorgeous Shine. PremierCoat comes in a variety of solid and chip colors and give your floors a beautiful shine like no other.
  • 100% UV Protection and No Oxidation. Our high end floors have 100% UV protection and zero oxidation, so its good looks will last.
  • Chemical-free Installation. PremierCoat installs without harmful fumes or chemicals.
  • Quick Curing. Our coatings typically cure in 24-48 hours, getting your garage back into gear almost immediately. Compare that to other traditional materials that can take an entire week or more to dry.

Prestige Plus installers are specially trained in the application of our resinous polymer coating systems. With our coating systems, most garages are fully usable within 24-48 hours.


Prestige Pro Tiles are an innovative system of snap-together tiles that install quickly, require no floor preparation, and are extremely durable.

Prestige Pro Tiles can be used indoors or outdoors and are not affected by cold, heat, weather, or most chemicals.

The tiles feature an open or closed profile that allows water to drain through, keeping them safe, dry, and easy to clean. Their non-slip nature makes them ideal not only for garages, workshops, and exercise or playrooms, but also for patios, terraces, and pool areas.

Modular and portable, PremierFlex Tiles trade; can be moved and expanded to fill any space. They come in an exciting array of colors to choose from so you can create that one-of-a-kind floor.

Imagine the possibilities. Where will you put them?

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