We Simply Do It All. Including the Unpleasant Details…

Prestige Complete is the complete customer service solution! Overwhelmed at the prospect of removing your belongings? Or simply don't want the hassle? No problem. Just write the check and we do the rest! We move your items to a POD on your driveway, organize and return your items into your new finished space upon completion of project. Read more below.

We do the following:

  • We Clean out your garage.
  • We work with you the make three piles: KEEP, GO or CHARITY.
  • All “KEEP” items will be stored in our company trailer, which is left on YOUR driveway for space remodel and WE provide you a key to access belonging if needed.
  • We take all items from the “GO” pile and place where needed for refuse pickup.
  • We take “CHARITY” pile and place where needed for pickup.
  • We complete garage remodel per approved design plans and specification.
  • We take items from KEEP file in on-site trailer and reorganization garage as intended from Premier design plan.
  • We walk the space when complete to ensure your 100% satisfaction.

White glove plus service enhancement.:

  • We can paint garage walls, moldings and ceiling. Great optional service to completely finish any transformed space.
  • We can install a commercial grade base molding around the edge of finished floor and walls. Another great way to completely finish off your transformed space.
  • We can have a licensed electrician add outlets, change light fixtures, hi-hats and even install under cabinet lighting. This truly will take your space to another level.
  • We can install new Lift-Master belt, chain or drive garage door openers and accessories. These products open up the tremendous potential of overhead storage when needed.

With Prestige Complete, you benefit from a full array of space enhancement services – from personalized planning and design to installation and temporary storage in lockable, weatherproof containers. Turn to Prestige Complete to transform your space into the one you’ve always wanted.

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