6 Important Considerations For A Successful Garage Makeover in Long Island

Posted by Matthew Miller on Dec 22, 2015 11:40:40 AM

Do you need more space? Are you getting the most out of your garage? The solution to your need for more space may already be attached to your house! However, perhaps it’s in need of a makeover or conversion to fulfill this requirement. Converting an existing garage is less expensive than building an addition—and it's a lot less complicated too!

Perhaps then it’s time it make a bold move and start planning. Remodelling your garage into man cave, an extra bedroom, den, kids playroom, art studio or a rentable apartment can improve not only the resale value of your home but also your quality of life.


6 Essential Considerations For Your Garage Conversion in Long Island

In comparison to building an addition, a garage conversion is much more affordable and has fewer hurdles, but that’s not to say it’s a simple project, all though it can be with the right know how and and expert help from the professionals in this field. As you begin planning your garage makeover take into account these essential considerations.


In a garage with a flat and dry concrete slab, homeowners have no shortage of garage flooring options.

Whether you like tile, carpeting or timber floors, these materials will require some reasonable preparation. This typically entails filling cracks with a compound, cleaning spills, degreasing the surface, applying sealers to block moisture from rising up through the porous concrete followed by laying down of plywood or an appropriate underlay to support this kind of flooring.

Another fantastic option is Epoxy Flooring, it is often the most durable and effective option for a garage space. It enhances lighting, it is available in a wide variety of colours and finishes, stands up to extreme temperatures, high traffic, impact and nasty spills. And clean up is super easy with just a mop! If you need to consult with an expert about this option - Prestige Garages is a popular company that specialises in the installation of these Epoxy Floors.


Doors And Windows

Many who do a garage conversion choose to leave the garage door intact however some homeowners replace the garage door with a solid or windowed wall, or with a compromise solution, such as Bi-Folds or French doors. As you contemplate the design of your garage conversion, ask yourself whether the space has a sufficient number of windows. If you’re planning to add any, consider not only natural light and views to the outdoors, but also privacy.

Walls And Insulation

You’re ahead of the game if your garage walls are insulated and paneled in drywall. If they aren’t, however, how you can address the issue often depends on how your garage is constructed. For example: If the exterior walls are cinder block, you can outfit the perimeter of the space in stud framing and then fitting insulation between the studs followed by fastening the drywall to the framing. However for walls with drywall but no insulation a spray-foam insulation can be used with little disruption to the status quo. Before closing up your walls, remember to run electrical wire for overhead lighting. Also at this stage, you must frame out any closets and storage areas  you wish to include as part of your garage conversion.



Be sure to hire a licensed electrician to install any outlets and light switches you need, as well as any fixtures you wish to mount on, or hang from, the ceiling. One of the many reasons to hire a professional to handle the electrical work in your garage conversion, and perhaps most important is a professional’s in-depth knowledge of the relevant building codes and safety requirements in your area.

Heating & Cooling

If you have a forced-air system, one method of heating and cooling of your garage conversion is to extend the ductwork from the main part of your house.Yet another option is to install a mini-split wall-mounted heater and/or air conditioner.  However looking into more environmentally sustainable heating and cooling options is by far a much smarter option. There are many great technologies currently available in this field. For example: Geothermal heat pumps, passive or active solar heating & cooling systems or even hydronics. All these will add up to enormous benefits that will in turn save you money and the planet’s resources. A win-win!



Installing a kitchen, bathroom, wet bar, or utility sink can sometimes be the most complicated part of a garage conversion. Chances are that in order to have running water, supply and drain lines will need to be set into the concrete slab. For that reason, it’s wise to handle plumbing issues first, before addressing other features of the project. If you hesitant of disrupting the slab, think about an “Up-flush” system, which relies on a macerator and a pump. In this setup, the supply and return lines are boxed out along the floor, but they almost disappear from view once you have painted and furnished garage space.

Storage Space


Last but not least, your garage conversion will need adequate storage solutions. Whether it be garage shelving, closets, cabinets, counters or work benches. Whatever the purpose of your garage conversion there are a myriad of closet and storage options available to enhance the functionality and organization of your new space. Get in touch with a qualified consultant to gain some great ideas of what is possible for your space.

The garage design experts at Prestige Garage can help you achieve your flooring and storage needs with your garage makeover. As a bonus if you reside in Long Island they are offering a FREE In-Home Design Consultation. Simply call (631)-488-1477 to book in your FREE Consultation and mention this offer to ensure your Garage makeover is a success!

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