TOP 5 Garage Storage Solutions in Long Island

Posted by Matthew Miller on Jan 7, 2016 3:25:03 PM

Has your garage begun to look like a junk yard? Do you need binoculars to see beyond the mounds of stuff piled everywhere. Are you on the verge of needing to call 911 to help you find your car in the morning? If so, then maybe it is time to get your garage in order.

Putting a garage in proper order can be a major task, especially if you’ve been using the space as a dumping ground for all the stuff you don’t want in your home. The good news is, there’s a variety of great storage equipment available that you can use to keep your garage well organized all year round!

Good Garage Storage Systems

So, if you are serious about taking back control of your garage and want some genuine solutions for keeping it organized - then be sure to consider these top 5 solutions below BEFORE you get lost in the mayhem and a search party has to be called in after you!

5 Most Effective Garage Storage Solutions in Long Island

Depending on your needs and your budget, effective garage storage systems can be achieved with one or any combination of these top 5 options:

1. Modular Storage Cabinets

Lining one or more walls with modular cabinets and cupboards is a great way to get stored items out of sight. Cabinets that can be locked are best for items that might need to be stored securely, such as expensive tools.

Custom modular units can be made specifically to your needs. They are also popular if you want a finished look, particularly if you feel the garage will be another room in the house. You can easily group items you store by categories, such as tools, recreational equipment and holiday decorations, and it’ll be much easier for you to remember where things are.


2. Freestanding Shelves

Freestanding shelves are another fantastic way to get your items up off the floor and into their own designated area. Freestanding shelves often are placed against a wall. However, if you have the extra space, freestanding shelves can be lined up in your garage to create storage isles that provide easy access to all your possessions.

It is important that the right material be used for this so that structural integrity is maintained and warping and surfacing degradation do not occur.

3. Slat Wall Storage Systems

Slat wall storage & tool racks are exceptional option for hanging garden tools, hoses, ladders, cleaning equipment and other unusual bulky items. They can also can be used for hanging shelves and bicycles.

Slat wall storage systems are a great alternative for when you lack space in your garage to add cabinets and freestanding shelves. However even if used in combination your garage will look like a showroom of organization!


4. Overhead Storage Units

Overhead storage units can be great for people with garages that are short on places to stash stuff. They should be used for items you won’t need frequently. Overhead garage storage frees up so much space on the floor of your garage that it’s almost like increasing the square footage of the area. It’s a very cost-effective storage solution, too. It almost seems like every garage should have overhead storage.

5. Storage Lift

A Storage Lift System is the also the ideal solution for your Car, SUV, Motorcycle, ATV, or other recreational vehicles. If you are like the many millions of people who are tired of dealing with a cluttered garage, this is an awesome space saving alternative.  Imagine at the push of a switch, a lift will raise (or lower when needed) all of your most frustrating clutter, sitting on your garage floor, up to the ceiling.

Perfect for custom home builders, real estate developers, architects, engineers, automotive dealers, and commercial parking operators. Not only is this is a great space saving solution with many practical applications but you gain all that additional storage space by taking advantage of high garage ceilings.


Garage Experts Will Make It Easy For You

There is no doubt that proper storage solutions will help you bring order to your garage. When considering what will work best for your  garage, speak with an expert to get the right advice on which of these options will be of most benefit for you.

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Need help decluttering your garage? Download the Garage Declutter Guide below.

Clear Out the Clutter Garage

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