7 Time Saving Storage Tips For Better Garage Organization

Posted by Matthew Miller on Jan 22, 2016 4:36:08 PM

Is your garage beginning to look like an elephant burial ground?  Have you been dreaming of a makeover for your garage since the Jurassic era? Perhaps you are needing a more functional workspace for your hobby or business, or your house is in need of some extra living space, where the kids can gather and not drive you up the wall on rainy days. Maybe you just need more efficient storage solutions to keep you garage better organized, and so you can actually park your car in there without it resembling a defensive drivers obstacle course.


Whatever is happening in that space, your garage is prime real estate for so many different opportunities. However, if your garage is overflowing with clutter or just not functioning the way you need, then it’s probably time to get in and get it organized!

How To Organize Your Garage For Greater Efficiency

Whilst we all suffer from time shortages in our busy lives, setting aside a few days or even a weekend to give your garage the much-needed transformation it deserves is actually going save you a lot more time and energy in the days, weeks and years ahead. Never underestimate the value of having a well-organized and functional garage.

The biggest hurdle is usually knowing how to organize it all. This can be overwhelming for many people, particularly if the visibility of the floor in your garage vanished somewhere along with the dinosaurs. No matter how you choose to go about it, the important thing is to make a plan and get started. To help you tackle the task here are some great tips for garage organization.  


Get In The Zone

Organize your garage into separate zones. Having separate zones for all your items creates greater efficiency in finding what you need in there, but it also just makes good smart sense.

Here are some zoning examples:

  • Car zone
  • Tool & Maintenance zone
  • Garden zone
  • Sports equipment zone
  • Recreational zone
  • Storage zone

Make sure everything gets assigned a zone, that way you and your family will know where to find anything in there and where to put away items.

Maximize Your Storage With Shelving

Using open garage shelving systems and clear storage bins help you to see everything more easily, which naturally means it will save you a great deal of time trying to find the items you need.

Give Your Garage A Lift

Larger items like bikes and lawn mowers can be stored on electric car/SUV lifts or overhead racks, getting the items off the floor and making greater room in your garage space. Not only can they be accessed at a flick of a button, but it eliminates the damage caused from them bumping into your car and vice versa.


Get Vertical

Using Slatwalls for wall storage for storing lightweight tools, brooms, high-pressure cleaners and other equipment and install wall cabinets for all your other goods and maintenance items, including things like camping gear, paints, cleaning products, replacement light bulbs, etc. Group items by their function. Slatwalls will take care many of those awkward items too so you will no longer be tripping over them in your garage.


Recycle and Repurpose

Using hooks under your cabinets and jars with screw-top lids will help organize small items like screws, nails and other odds and ends. The jar lids can be attached to the bottom of a shelf or under a cabinet for good accessibility and then it’s easy to just screw in the jars to the lids. This helps keep these items visible.

High Five The Balls

String up a small net hammock in a corner or from the ceiling of your garage for all your sports balls. This will make it easy to find and access them when needed - and keeping them from rolling around on the floor.


Call In A Expert

If it still all seems too overwhelming to tackle on your own and you feel you could use some help in how to deal with all the clutter in your garage, then call on a garage storage and organizational expert who can show you many other ways of organizing your garage.  

The qualified team at Prestige Garages offer a COMPLETE package of services from removing and donating your unwanted items, painting, epoxy floor installation and completing remodeling your garage space with the latest and best storage solutions.

For a No Obligation FREE In-Home Consultation to see how they can help transform your garage into a time saving well-organized space give them a call today on (631)-488-1477.  

Want advice to help declutter your garage? Download our Free Garage Decluttering Guide below!

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