Types of Garage Flooring - Pros and Cons

Posted by Matthew Miller on Apr 26, 2016 8:56:11 AM


When it comes to choosing the the right garage flooring type for you, there are many to choose from and with a wide range of cost as well. How do you choose between them all?

Well in this article, we’re going to focus on the 2 popular ones: garage floor paint and epoxy coating. There are a few important criteria you should look out for when shopping for garage flooring: durability, maintenance, and safety.

Criteria for Choosing Garage Flooring Type


Compared to the rest of your home, the garage is generally the most prone to damages. Think about; it stores the heaviest and hardest things like your car, lawn equipment 7 tools; and it’s usually the place where you do most of your outdoor work; it’s the place where you drop things the most. So your flooring needs to be durable enough to handle the demand.

Garage paint peels easily and won’t last long. It is also not chip- or abrasion-proof, so if your car has an oil leak, your floor paint will be sure to stain. However, with the proper epoxy coatings, you don’t have to worry about any of that. Epoxy has a special combination of epoxide and polyamine harder, which gives epoxy its durability far beyond other types of flooring. It is stain-, chemical-, and chip-proof.


The hassle about garage floor paint is that it will constantly require maintenance, especially repainting. Although it’s the cheaper option, it’s going to require you to repaint once every 6 -12 months; that means, completely removing everything from your garage for the process every single time. Not only that, it’s also less appealing visually.

With epoxy garage flooring, it will last you many years to come without worrying about re-coating your garage flooring. The only maintenance is that if there is a spill, use a soft mop and it’s as if the spill was never there in the first place!


Something that is not usually thought about is the safety of different types of garage flooring. As you may already know, the regular smooth garage cement floors are very slippery. Garage floor paint is no better. All it takes is one fall and there goes a broken arm, leg, hip, back or worse, your head. With epoxy flooring, it is SLIP-resistant, making this the perfect flooring type for you and your family.


If you’re in the Long Island area and want to explore the option of Epoxy Flooring for your garage, then get your FREE consultation today by calling Prestige Garage. There are many styles and finishes to choose from and our garage flooring experts can show you the options that are available.

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