5 Things To Consider Before Renovating your Garage

Posted by Matthew Miller on Jul 8, 2016 10:18:52 AM


Renovating a garage is an important investment. Doing it right the first time is vital. Choosing the right design means identifying important factors such as purpose, functionality, storage needs, size, and budget before commencing the process. If you want to be sure you will have the perfect garage makeover, then consulting with a garage makeover professional is crucial. Custom garage designers and storage experts can help you feel confident knowing you found the right garage design to suit your unique lifestyle.

When choosing design or storage solution for your garage it's important to think about your present situation, as well as the future. Garages are not only a space for vehicles; they can also serve for a number of other purposes as well, such as an entertainment or hobby space, storage, mechanics, home office, or even a space that's converted into additional living quarters. A garage renovation that flows with the style of the home can also improve property value substantially.

5 Renovation Tips To Consider When Designing Garage Makeover

Every garage renovation is different; often, the bigger the space, the greater the possibilities. Here are five valuable tips to consider when planning your garage makeover:

Think Beyond Just Now

A garage is where hobbies happen so plan a design that will enable them. Whether you're into cars, woodworking, kayaking, bikes, motorcycles, model planes, or ATVs, make sure to set aside space for the particulars of the hobby. And plan the storage so you don't trip over your hobby every day.

Start From The Ground Up


When renovating your garage, start from the ground up. The type of garage floor finish you choose determines how well your garage performs for your needs - both present and future. If the surface is pitted, uneven or has cracks, a resurfacing may be in order. Epoxy resin garage floors are the best solution and suit many purposes you may have in store for your garage. Durable, easy to clean, not to mention highly resilient to staining, heat and many other things you might throw at it, it is a value riser for any property.

How Many Cars?

Deciding how many cars you want to accommodate in your garage will have an impact on your garage makeover design. If you have high ceilings, Auto liftscan help you maximize space for multiple cars considerably, and likewise with storage lifts for anything you may like to keep up off the floor but still easily accessible, like bikes, jet skis, sports gear and other large items.

Power Outlets

You can never have enough of them in a garage. First of all, make sure the garage is on a dedicated electrical circuit, free of interference from air-conditioners, heating, and other household appliances. A 220-volt circuit is essential for welding and any other heavy electrical tools.

Let There Be Light

In terms of value for money, fluorescent lighting is still hard to beat. However with advances in LED lighting technology, not only can you create a superior quality atmosphere to a space, but you can also get a huge return on efficiency. Well-placed fixtures will provide all the light a garage may need, however, pay additional attention to workbenches and dark closets.

If you're ready to discover the perfect garage renovation design for your property, then call the professional team at Prestige Garage today. Residents in and around the Long Island area qualify for a No-Obligation FREE Design Consultation when you mention this article. Let the specialists at Prestige Garage make your dream garage a reality!

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