How To Declutter Your Garage In A Weekend

Posted by Matthew Miller on Aug 1, 2016 3:50:08 PM

Has your garage become the black hole of organization? Perhaps you intended it to be the God’s waiting room for your unneeded household items but instead, it has ended up warping into a sea of eerie mystical clutter now known as the twilight zone?

Well, before you call in the ghostbusters there is a way to reclaim your garage back from the other side without needing to perform any exorcisms. In fact with just some simple preparation and armed with a little bravery and these top decluttering tricks below you can have a better organized and spooky-free garage in just a weekend!


Top Tricks For Reclaiming Space In Your Garage

The indisputable secret to decluttering the clutter in any garage is to maximize your storage space. Unfortunately, just stuffing junk into boxes will only get you so far and not really deal with the foundational issue, and it will most likely just leave you with more gremlins to deal with again later. If you take these steps seriously you will find yourself the proud owner of a well-organized and functional garage once again.

Start At Ground Zero

cardboard-box-24547_960_720.pngThe first thing you need to do to prepare is to allocate some time - preferably a weekend is best. Get organized with some trash bags or boxes, empty storage containers, and some help to lift things and keep you focused. This means you may have to bribe family or friends to give you a hand if necessary. Put on some tunes to keep the flow going so if you need to relocate your stereo system from the house to the garage or borrow a portable speaker for this, then make it happen.

Once your have you playlist set and you are ready to get going, the next step is to remove every single item in your garage and start sorting them into piles. Yes, we know you are already squirming at this thought. However, this is by far the most efficient and effective way to tackle all those clutter gremlins once and for all and give them no space to breed in there again. Creating a blank canvas in which to begin your new organizational journey, is essential for its success.

The Four Pillars Of Organization

A great way to do this is to empty the contents of your garage onto tarps on your lawn or your driveway, sorting them into four general piles as you remove them. The four piles are:

  1. Stay
  2. Belongs elsewhere
  3. Garage sale/donate
  4. Throw away.

Warning: It is possible this process may bring on bouts of occasional nostalgia when you uncover some long lost treasures from your childhood, but don’t let it trick you into stopping the process.

Design A New Organization System

Designing a new organization system for your garage once you have weeded out all the stuff that you no longer need to keep becomes much easier. Implementing storage solutions that allow you to maximize every square foot of space is not only going to give you the best organization outcome but help you keep it organized. One very effective way to do that is to take advantage of the walls using slatwall systems and even the ceiling spaces with overhead storage.


This is where the assistance of a professional garage storage designer can help you realize how this might be achieved for your needs. Perhaps consult with a garage storage expert in your area prior to embarking on your garage decluttering mission to help you prepare. They can share helpful insight and storage tricks you may have never considered possible.Not only that, if you have been dreaming of converting your garage into a home gym, game room, man cave or even a hobby studio, then taking advantage of every inch of available space is crucial.

Out of Sight Out Of Mind

Needless to say the more we keep out of sight in our garage the less cluttered is looks and feels. One of the greatest advantages you can take in your garage is utilizing the overhead storage opportunities. Overhead storage racks can create loads of extra storage room and can be designed specifically for storage of occasional items like camping gear, luggage, and any other items you might only use once or twice a year.


If you have any bikes, kayaks, jet skis and even mini Rv’s and would like to get them off the floor then you might like to consider a motorized storage lift with an elevated platform. These amazing storage inventions will change your garage organization life!

Get Vertical

Utilizing your vertical wall space is one of the best organization tricks in the garage.Custom garage cabinets with doors are ideal for those who want to keep the stuff they are storing out of sight. Don't overlook the use of a slat wall storage systems with shelves, hooks and baskets. These are one of the top vertical storage solutions for any garage. Not only are they adjustable to suit whatever you need to store but they provide easy access to all your items. 


Create Your Ideal Workspace

Creating your ideal workspace can be made easy simply by installing any premade or custom workbench to suit your purposes. Having a clutter free workspace for all your gardening, hobbies or craft projects is one of the many benefits of whipping your garage into shape. And if you are tight on space then a great space saving option is to install a collapsible workbench that folds flat to the wall when not in use. 


The Floor Show

Naturally, a garage makeover just wouldn’t be complete without giving some attention to the floor. Once you have removed all the clutter in your garage and you can actually see the floor again, you might want to consider giving that a clean up also. One of the most popular floor treatments today is epoxy flooring. Epoxy floors come in a variety of finishes, are extremely easy to keep clean, are stain- and chip- resistant, look great and very nice to walk on. They are also considered a good investment, adding solid value to your home.


If you would like to consult with a garage organization and makeover specialist before diving into your garage cleanup mission, then the professional team at Prestige Garage would love to help! If you are a resident around the Long Island area, you qualify for aNo-Obligation FREE In-Home Design Consultation simply by calling today and scheduling an appointment with one of our expert garage design gurus (that may or may not double as a ghostbuster in disguise... ssshh!).

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