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Posted by Matthew Miller on Nov 9, 2015 2:47:23 PM

The garage isn't JUST for cars, workbenches and tools anymore. In reality, the garage has often served many roles, from the laundry room to a teenage band practice zone to, more typically, just a plain old storage room.

But, if you’re a guy looking to carve out your own space, or ‘man cave’ the multitasking garage can be a great choice. Depending on your budget, you can do anything from a basic design to a full-on man cave of your dreams.

Whether you’re a DIY hobbyist, sports car enthusiast, trade professional, vintage art collector, a massive sports fan, or a wine connoisseur, a man cave can be the perfect place for you to retreat to on the weekends or after a long day at work, to socialize with friends or enjoy a tinker on any of your special projects or mechanical masterpieces.

This space should not only combine your design preferences, be it modern, traditional, minimalist or otherwise, but also be a place that is organized and well equipped and a joy to use anytime. A man cave, after all, should be a functional and desirable space to be in.

Designing a garage that will suit both your functionality and design needs can be simplified into a few easy steps, and if you're in Long Island, you can get a FREE 3D Professional Design (details at bottom of post).  Here are some top tips for getting started on your dream garage space.

3 Top Tips For Creating Your
Dream Man Cave | Long Island


Decide On A Style

Whether it’s classic, contemporary, vintage, or industrial, it’s an important first step. Picking a garage style really solidifies the type of finishes, fixtures, and accessories that will live in this space.

The possibilities of designs, themes, and creative ideas to pick from are endless, so choosing one that reflects your personal taste, even if it’s just to make it purely functional, will help make the space you very own.

Determine Surface Finishes, Textures, and Color Scheme

Not to be overlooked, these have a huge impact on a space. Determining what colors and finishes you like that reflect your chosen style can really elevate your space, give greater functionality to its purpose and enhance your experience in it.

Things like flooring finishes, furnishing textures, work bench surfacing and lighting enhancements all affect the performance, functionality, ease of maintenance, the ability to work efficiently and enjoy the space.

Give The Garage Space A Function

Most importantly, you’ll need to decide on what function the garage space will have for you. Once that is solidified, then you can expand on the design and placement of furniture, counter tops, storage, racks, shelving and all the other accessories that will make that activity work for you - not forgetting any special ‘toys’ that will fill this space.

This will allow you to keep your man cave fun, functional and productive in all your projects or social events. With all your items well organized and easily accessible it will make it a desirable space to work or play at any time of the night or day.

In Summary

Figuring out HOW you want to use your garage and what features to include,  all while staying within your budget, can be a daunting task. A qualified design consultant can help with exactly that, helping you to achieve your man cave dreams within your allocated budget.

If you live in the Long Island area you qualify for a FREE IN-HOME 3D Design & Consultation with Prestige Garages.

If you would like to see how the experts at Prestige Garage can help declutter and TRANSFORM your garage helping you bring your man cave dreams to life, then call us today at (631) 930-5303  to book your no-obligation consultation.

As our gift to you to help you get started, Download our free Guide To Uncluttering Your Garage Below.

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