Garage Cabinets vs Homemade Shelves

Posted by Matthew Miller on Oct 12, 2015 3:01:04 PM


The space along the walls in your garage is some of the best space that you have to store items. In a lot of garages, you’ll find homemade shelves from wood fitted to the walls to hold paint cans, tools, and sports equipment. These are often pretty shabby and don’t make the best use of the space. We’re going to look at the benefits of going with garage cabinets instead of the homemade shelves.

Enclosed Storage

In one of our recent blog posts, we talked about things that, if stored open in the garage, can attract rats- like towels and pet food bags. If you’re still wanting to store these in the garage, keeping them in garage cabinets is a much safer idea. The cabinets close up, keeping the rats from eating the pet food or nesting in the towels. This can save you a lot of time and stress, while not letting that food go to waste. Sports equipment is also hard to store on the shelves, as the balls can easily roll off onto your car; having enclosed cabinets enables you to store the soccer balls, basketballs, and other sports equipment without having to worry that it will fall onto the cars.


Easy to Clean

Something else you’ll notice with your homemade shelves is they’re going to look nasty pretty quickly, but they aren’t easy to clean. They’re probably flimsy, so if you try and clean them you’ll run the risk of knocking things on the floor, and you’re not going to want to take everything off the shelves to clean behind. With the garage cabinets, you won’t be collecting dust on the inside, since they’re enclosed; and when it’s time to clean around them, they’re raised on the wall, so you can simply sweep right under the cabinets. This will save the time you’d take to clean under all of the items, and helps keep things looking new.


The Best Looking Choice

Really, one of the best reasons to go with garage cabinets is their looks. They look way better than the homemade wooden shelves. These garage cabinets come in a variety of colors, so you can color-coordinate with your epoxy garage flooring. These cabinets make for a fresh looking garage for years to come, which will really change the way you look at your garage-in a positive way. Install the garage cabinets and notice the refreshed feeling of your garage space!


We at Prestige Garage work to provide you with solutions to keep your garage looking great and to maximize the space in it. If you’re looking for more tips, check out our guide, “Clear Out the Clutter!” For a free consultation, call us today!

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